Andrei Mikhailov

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1 General links

Seminar schedule at SAIFR

2 My talks

Colloquium at IFT on 2011-09-21

Talk in IFT, March 2012 about deformations of BRST structure

Talk in Natal, May 2012 about the massless SUGRA vertex in AdS

Talk in Passa Quatro, August 2012: slides, single page, on the use of Lie algebra cohomology in Type IIB SUGRA

Talk at ITEP about linear dilaton, December 2012

Talk in Brasília about the integrated vertex, November 2013

Talk at the workshop on perturbative string theory, Perimeter Institute, April 2015

BV formalism and string amplitudes, mathematical physics workshop, IFT UNESP, June 2016

3 Writeups

Pure spinor formulas

BV formalism

4 Essays

"Mathematical physics at the time of perestroika", talk, Congresso Paulo Leal Ferreira de Física 2012

Open letter: notes on the situation with A.S.Gorsky, April 2014

5 Teaching

Geometria Diferencial e Mecânica Clássica: syllabus, notes.

6 Technical links

Directions to IFT

BystroTeX my method to insert LaTeX formulas into html slides

MathPump a tool for remote collaboration and teaching

Why invalid certificates on Brazilian web sites?

How to get the IBAN code of your bank account

How to use telephone

How to use a cell phone as a modem in Brazil

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