General remarks
The system, apparently, deteriorated somewhat, over these years of crisis. It used to be trivial to setup, and perhaps more secure.

Additional programs should be installed, which are invasive. You need root password. Moreover, the security of your system will have to be compromised.

Therefore, everything should be done in a dedicated virtual machine. Moreover, the machine should be Ubuntu LTS (at the time of writing, 2017-05-09, this is ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64).

Does not work in Debian Stretch because of incompatible libraries.

This has to be done in a virtual machine. Container is not enough isolation, because you will open to MITM attacks.

Tested with Oracle Java (which is easy to install on Ubuntu) and Firefox browser.

It does not seem to be necessary to allow invalid certificates (open question: why???).

If you have UFW enabled (the Ubuntu firewall interface), then please read first the slide about UFW conflict.

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