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1 Exame Unificado
2 Master thesis
2.1 Constraints on the examination committee
2.2 Constraints on the thesis
3 Ph  D thesis

Doing Master or PhD in IFT

1 Exame Unificado

In order to get enrolled to the Master program in IFT, it is necessary to pass Exame Unificado. If you are from outside Brazil, you have to first contact somebody from IFT, who would “potentially agree to be your advisor in case you pass exam well”. Only after that the exam could be arranged. But if you are from Brazil, then you should first pass the exam and then contact somebody from IFT. In other words:

If you are in Brazil

first take Exame Unificado, and then contact somebody from IFT

If you are not in Brazil

first contact somebody from IFT, and we will see if it is possible to arrange the exam in your country

In any case, the online registation here is necessary.

This exam is not an all-Brazilian thing; it is organized by a group of 6 universities in the state of São Paulo; the results are available to a group of Brazilian universities listed on the above-mentioned site.

The admission committee meets 2 times a year: end of July and mid-December.

All students get grants. There are 2 types of grants, CAPES and CNPq.

2 Master thesis

The defence of Master Thesis consists of 2 stages:
  1. Qualifying exam

  2. Thesis defense

2.1 Constraints on the examination committee

  • Examination committee for the qualifying exam should consist of 3 people:
    • The thesis advisor

    • Two people from IFT, could be same people as in the defense committee

  • Examination committee for the defense should consist of 5 people:
    • Three “titulares”, with constraints:
      • One should be the thesis adviser

      • One should be from outside IFT

    • Two “supplentes”, one of them should be outside IFT

Only the titulares have to be present. The purpose of the supplentes is: if one of the titulares cannot come, the supplente should be substitute for him.

2.2 Constraints on the thesis

The thesis should be submitted at least 40 days before the defence.

3 PhD thesis

One should prepare:
  • Number of weekly hours dedicated to the project

  • The sign of IFT director aproving "manifestação.pdf"

  • "anexo-ii.pdf" signed by the orientador and the IFT director

  • "Súmula curricular" of the orientador

  • Project proposal confirming to the FAPESP form