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1 Applying
1.1 Registration of the candidate
1.2 Documents required from the candidate
2 Renewing

Postdoc via FAPESP

The prospective postdoc is beneficiário, and the prospective supervisor is responsável.

1 Applying

1.1 Registration of the candidate

The perspective postdoc should register on http://www.fapesp.br/sage/. On that page, click on the link: “Sem cadastro?”.



Pais de Nascimento

country where you were born

Data de Nascimento

date of birth


if you dont have it, then you dont need it (for now)

1.2 Documents required from the candidate

The applicant (beneficiário) should provide:
  1. The name of the project

  2. A short description of the project in <4000 words

  3. A long project description, just the usual “proposal” that you typically submit with your postdoctoral applications, pdf

  4. Your academic history, including the xerocopies of transcripts of courses and diploma, in jpg

  5. Names and addresses (including email) of 2 people who can recommend you.

2 Renewing

After 24 months, can renew for 12 more months. In this case:
  1. Have to submit Relatório Científico 6 months before the expiration of the first 24 months. This process is started by the beneficiary. He goes to “Mais Ações” → “Elaborar Relatório Científico”. Eventually, the “FORMULÁRIO PARA ENCAMINHAMENTO DE RELATÓRIO A SER PREENCHIDO PELO ORIENTADOR/SUPERVISOR” is emitted which has to be filled and signed by the supervisor.

  2. Then submit renovation request