How to send fax

1 Why?

Unfortunately, fax machines are still widely used in the United States for various legal purposes (such as voting). But in Brazil they are deprecated.

In this write-up I will explain how to send a fax to the United States using the PCI fax-modem with Windows 7.

This will not work from IFT because IFT uses the VoIP telephones. You need some “normal” residential landline. Also, I don’t think this would be possible with Linux.

2 How to buy a faxmodem?

The right way is to buy a USB faxmodem. They work with Linux. But I was not able to find a USB faxmodem in Brazil.

However, when I visited Moscow, I bought one for PCI

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My model is called D-Link DFM-562IS.

3 Installation

Simply push it into the PCI slot. Do not use the included CD.

4 Use

4.1 Windows Fax and Scan

Windows 7 has a built-in program called Windows Fax and Scan. (Just type fax in the Search line.)

4.2 Recipient phone number

Start it up and choose "New Fax". On the left of the To line there is a button. Pressing that button brings you to the address book. Press on New contact. You can enter the fax number in the corresponding field under the Home tab, or perhaps the Work tab. The number should be entered as follows:
+1 (617) 123-4567

4.3 Dialing rule

On the right hand side of the To: field there is a drop-down menu for the Dialing rule. Click on new rule or edit an existing rule, and fill it as follows. Assuming that we are in São Paulo, Brazil, the fields will be:



Area code


To access an outside line for local calls

I left blank

To access an outside line for long-dist

Also left blank

Use this carrier for long-distance


Use this carrier for intl


Notice that this is all about the properties of the origin of the call, the destination does not matter at this point. That was a pretty standard residential landline. The 21 is the code for international calling in Brazil, I think this is Embratel.

4.4 Sending

Returning to the New Fax window, you should simply choose that new dialing rule from the drop-down menu, and then press the Send button.

Worked for me. First there is an audible dialtone, with some faxy sounds. But no sound during the transmission. There is some pop-ups explaining what is going on, like “transmission”.

Try it with your eFax first.

If something is wrong with your entered phone or dial rules, you will hear human voice announcing a problem. However, it is distorted to the point of being unintelligible. The faxmodem does not have a real speaker.

5 Are there other applications of faxmodem?

Nina is young, she has never seen a faxmodem. “What purpose could it serve?”

I cannot think of any other applications. As I wrote in my modem writeup, it is possible to use a cell phone as a modem. That’s because cell phone providers are somehow obliged to provide a dialup internet service. But I don’t think this is possible with a landline phone.

In any case, these types of dialup are now deprecated as most of people have Android phone. You can just turn your Android phone into a wireless access point, and at the same time turn on the 3G. This essentially turns it into a wireless router. The speed could be imressive if you get an HSDPA signal.

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