Invalid security certificates on Brazilian government sites

Unfortunately the bureaucracy of the Brazilian Government is so complicated, that the Mozillian Government was unable to validate it.

this strange result may suggest that the Brazilian bureaucracy is actually not a bureaucracy

In practice, this means that the security certificates on the websites affiliated with the Brazilian Government are considered invalid in Firefox.

You need to import them over http (not https — chicken and egg problem!)

If you are paranoidal, use a separate Firefox profile. or perhaps a separate browser.

In that other browser, got to the website: you will see:

Passo 1: Clique aqui para baixar a cadeia v1.

Passo 2: O browser disponibilizará opções para proceder a instalação;

Passo 3: clique no botão 'Ok';

Passo 4: Clique aqui para baixar a cadeia v2

(Cadeia means chain.) Click on those two links; trust for websites only.

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