Use of the IFT telephone system

1 Calling rules

xxxx-xxxx or 9xxxx-xxxx inside SP:

just call 8-digit number no extension no 011

xx-xxxx-xxxx (long distance)

call 0xx-xxxx-xxxx


call literally 0800-xxx-xxxx, ignore the error messages


there is a secret code which Vilma knows, the IFT will pay

You have to dial fast; a delay in 2-3 seconds between button presses may lead to disconnection.

This makes dialing very inconvenient.

2 Automated dialing

Fortunately, there is a way to dial automatically, or at least almost automatically.

First, have to determine the IP of the telephone, by pressing the Setup Key and navigating to Network. You find something like this: (just an example)

Now suppose you want to call 38384000 (FAPESP). With the handset on-hook, send a POST request to requesting the URL /, with the following parameters:

"28078" → "38384000"

This sets SPEED DIAL No 2 to this number: 38384000

Now (with the handset still on-hook!) press 2. Then lift the handset. The telephone will start dialing FAPESP.

Sample script is available here.

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